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Make Inkscape PostScript files compatible with psfrag in LaTeX

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eps files exported with Inkscape cannot be used with psfrag.



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Open your PostScript file with "psfragcompatible"
The function searches the PostScript file for strings of the form <01020304>Tj or [<010203>-1<0405>-1<06>-1<07>1<08>129<090a06>]TJ and replaces them by strings of the form (int)Tj, where int is a number 1,2,3, ...
Finally you can use \psfrag{int}{your latex expression} in LaTeX.

This function is a modification of the function "replaceinfile" written by Pekka Kumpulainen.

The workaround is explained on

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Paul (view profile)


Does exactly what it says its does, and now \psfrag works, YAY! :)

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.9 (R2009b)

Inspired by: Replace strings in text file

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