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Sampling Of 2D Geometrical Object via Line Beams

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Illustrates coordinated sampling of a geometrical shape such as an eclipse is used in this case.



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main executing reference usage: usage_SamplingOf2D_GeometricalObject_viaLineBeams.m
For illustrative purposes the gridded plot is sampled by detection of line beam intersections of the edge and in-bound regions of the eclipse.
The coordinates are traced and pixelized into an image map.

* Caveat:
- For random ray beams, as many lines are required for the projections, the longer the process may take depending on your processors.
- Though fan ray beams and parallel ray beams are provided, they are not incorporated yet.
- 10 lines are projected for demo purposes. Number of lines may be set at:
- Help section yet to be included.

* Caveat:
For auto results sending at : sendResults.m

The sender's email has to be a gmail account to send the results via email.

For automated results emailing, please provide the following parameters in the stated files:

senderMail = '';
password = '_______';
recipientEmails = '____@_____';

* Caveat: For reference only.

If the reference demo has a more elegant presentation, please do not hesitate to suggest and send feedback to author.

Thank you.

Michael Chan JT

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Yash (view profile)

a very good code

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