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Pyramid built by UFO

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Pyramid built by UFO


Gustavo Orellana


Using matrix transformations and light to create ufo building pyramid.

dome(zpos, dimMult)
%Gustavo Adalid Orellana
%May 7, 2009
% dome.m Draw upper half circle
%Returns a handle to the surface object
%Parameters: zpos is a value that indicates
%the position in the z axis where the bottom
%of the upper circle is positioned. dimMult is a value that
%indicates by how much you want the semicircle shrunk or
%PostC.: Sets the Tag field of the dome surface to 'dome'
function f = dome(zpos, dimMult)
[x,y,z] = sphere(40);
x(1:21,:) = [];%Get rid of lower half
y(1:21,:) = [];%get rid of lower half
z(1:21,:) = [];%
x = x.*dimMult; %
y = y.*dimMult;
z = (z.*dimMult) + zpos; %translate zpos unit up
f = surf(x,y,z);
material shiny;
set(f,'FaceColor',[.6 .6 .85],'FaceAlpha',0.6,'EdgeAlpha',0,...
    'FaceLighting','phong','AmbientStrength',0.8, 'SpecularExponent',20,...
light('Position',[10 5 -1],'Style','infinite');

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