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Rayleigh Fading Channel Signal Generator

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Rayleigh Fading Channel based on Hadamard and Jakes model



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Dent Rayleigh model is similar to Jakes but uses Hadamard function in MATLAB to make the oscillators (somewhat) independent and thus provide results that are a little more realistic than the Jakes model.

For more details, please read IEEE paper by Wu Z. from 2004 (Electronics Letters, Volume: 40, Issue: 15) that covers the statistical performance of several models, including the Dent. In this paper Wu proposes his own model which is even better than the Dent.

Function Usage Example:
[omega_mTau, Tk] =
RayCh(2^7, 2^18, 64, 2, 900, 100)



I have created this function for my own purpose, specifically for the use in my OFDM channel estimation model. It may not be as generic as you require, so some tweaking may be necessary. For example, the for() loops can be improved using Matlab vectorization - this is left as an exercise for the reader.

I have included the description for how to create the required fm() function which computes the Doppler shift

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MATLAB 7.1.0 (R14SP3)

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