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Mobile user Localization in WSN

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Dynamic Triangular location method determines the position of mobile user inside a building.

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There are two stages in our experiments, one is to find the predicted values of the signal strengths (RSSI’s) by using Grey prediction algorithm and second is to find the location coordinate of the mobile user by using Dynamic Triangular Location method. We have used grey prediction to predict the tendency of RSSI at rum-time stage and present analysis of predicted RSSI when mobile user is moving. Grey perdition is able to reduce the fluctuation of RSSI when mobile is moving. Location algorithms with grey prediction achieve smaller mean distance error.

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jack (view profile)

salma salma

Thank you for the code but we need to understand the concept of the different parameters used ,can you please provide some explanation based on article or document .

need some explanation. thank you.

marwen bagga

Thank You. but it would be great if u could provide some explanation of the cost function

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