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Learn French vocabulary

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A simple tool to learn French vocabulary with intelligent choice of test word.



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You will be able to learn new words or be tested on words already learnt. You can choose whether to be tested on the English or French word and you must recall the translation. The testing favours words which have not been recently tested but favours words which have been tested many times less. A word will be tested on sooner if you didn't remember it in a previous test.
The tool can be easily changed to other languages by replacing the .xls word list and changing some of the GUI object strings.

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wofks well the french.m


Niki (view profile)

I ran the program, but for text I got error, I think one M-file is missed
test_I = I(randi(length(I)));
could you please provide this ?



I removed my data.mat file, which should not have been included.

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