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Boxplot rotate labels, change fontsize

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This script shows how to rotate labels and change their fontsize with boxplots



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I had so much problems with the labels in boxplots. After working on it quite a long time, I hope it might help somebody out there to save time. This demo script shows how to:
1) Rotate Labels
2) Change Fontsize of Labels
3) Change the position of each boxplot in the figure in order to group them.

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Edward Byers

Good, thanks


Malte (view profile)

Another nice tool to overcome the disgusting plot tools of MATLAB.

Very helpful! A great submission.

Thank you so much, I am drowning in data and this is huge help


You rock! This saved me hours of fiddling. Thank you!

Laurent S

Laurent S (view profile)

El-ad David Amir

Thank you, this saved me the time needed to hack the solution myself. The examples are clear and straight forward.

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