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Continuous and discrete time optimal reduced order output feedback

Continuous and discrete time optimal reduced order output feedback


Gerard Van Willigenburg


17 Jan 2011 (Updated )

Software associated with : International Journal of Control, 83, 12, 2546-2563, 2010

% KAB2AB: Function to reconstruct a,b from kron(a,b)
%         The result is unique up to a scaling factor
%         The first non-zero element of a is scaled to 1
%         [a,b,nze]=kab2ab(kab,na,ma,nb,mb)
%         Input
%         kab   : kron(a,b)
%         na,ma : dimensions a
%         nb,mb : dimensions b
%         Output
%         a,b
%         nze   : non-zero element in kron(a,b) used for scaling
%         L.G. van Willigenburg, W.L. de Koning, 25-11-2008
function [a,b,nze]=kab2ab(kab,na,ma,nb,mb)

if nh~=na*nb; error('  Incompatible sizes a, kron(a,b)'); end;
if mh~=ma*mb; error('  Incompatible sizes b, kron(a,b)'); end;

if issparse(kab); kab=full(kab); end

% Find non-zero entry
nze=0; i1=0; i2=1;
while abs(nze)<=eps && i2<=mh;
  i1=i1+1; if i1>nh; i2=i2+1; i1=1; end  
  if i2<=mh; nze=kab(i1,i2); end

% Determine a,b
if i2>mh  % No zero entry: a=0, b=0
  b=zeros(nb,mb); a=zeros(na,ma);
else % Reconstruct a,b
  ir1=rem(i1-1,nb)+1; ir2=rem(i2-1,mb)+1;
  ib1=i1-ir1; ib2=i2-ir2; % indices first element of b
  ia1=ir1:nb:nh; ia2=ir2:mb:mh; % indices elements of a

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