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Fibonacci Heap

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Fibonacci Heap implementation based on a standard computer science textbook.



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This Fibonacci Heap implementation was developed in MATLAB for general use but with the specific aim of later integration with the Dijkstra's algorithm implementation that is used by "Matlog". See the README.pdf file for more details.

To create a heap named myHeap, one should execute the following MATLAB command: myHeap=cFibHeap. Keys (values) can be inserted into the heap using the command myHeap.insert(num), where the key to be inserted is num. The command myHeap.findMin returns the minimum key, and the command myHeap.extractMin returns and removes the minimum key. The size of the heap (total number of nodes) can be determined by the command myHeap.n. The operations Insert, Find-Min, and Extract-Min are the only operations supported in the beta version.

The following standard heap operations will be supported in a future release: Merge-Heaps, Increase-Key, and Decrease-Key.

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MATLAB 7.10 (R2010a)

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