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Video Sudoku Solver

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Video Sudoku Solver



19 Jan 2011 (Updated )

Solves a sudoku with a web camera and then displays it while tracking the original video feed.

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File Information

This demo attempts to identify the numbers in a sudoku puzzle using video input, and then solves the solution.
The solution can then be overlayed on the original video feed, which it tracks in real time.
”SUDOKU” is a registered trademark of NIKOLI Co., Ltd. (Japan)




This file inspired Sudoku Solver With Computer Voice.

Required Products Image Acquisition Toolbox
Image Processing Toolbox
MATLAB release MATLAB 7.11 (R2010b)
Other requirements You will need: 1. A plain web camera that does not have a lot of noise. 2. A well focused image. 3. Decent lighting, with no large shadows on the image.
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Comments and Ratings (38)
20 Sep 2016 tom zhuo

Very nice work.
But I can't download this Zip with error hint "Bad Server Connect". If there has any other way to get it?

01 Sep 2016 Cheng Shen

26 Jul 2016 Zh Hacker

07 Feb 2016 vikram

vikram (view profile)

my web cam shows mirrored numbers how to fix dat sir

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24 Jan 2016 Geethanjali Jeevanatham

10 Dec 2015 ümit Kisa

06 Aug 2015 Sandy Warshaw

Very nice work.
Character recognition might be somewhat more robust if a thinning operation, than look for line segments and relative angles/breaks (that's how people recognize numbers).

12 Feb 2015 Fyraj Fyraj

28 Dec 2014 apc2

apc2 (view profile)

14 Jul 2014 hariharan mahalingam

great work !!!!!!!!!!!

16 Jun 2014 Abhilash G

31 Jan 2014 Asri Khalid

great, nice, wonderful

25 Oct 2013 Vijay

Vijay (view profile)

16 Jun 2013 hakan

hakan (view profile)

just how intelligent guys u are ?

08 Feb 2013 Carlos de Torre

06 Jul 2012 Rickard Shen

It solved the "world's hardest sudoku" in 6.5 seconds on my machine. =)

Link to the problem here:

29 Jun 2012 igor kolupaev

Significant work!

05 Jun 2012 madhu

madhu (view profile)


30 May 2012 Suleman Shafqat

30 May 2012 ali

ali (view profile)

very interesting

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12 May 2012 Arash

Arash (view profile)

Good Job!

07 Mar 2012 Kosai

Kosai (view profile)

very nice work

02 Nov 2011 ke

ke (view profile)

impressive, i have learned a lot from it.

30 Oct 2011 Mr Smart

18 Oct 2011 Peng-Jen Lai


17 Oct 2011 Assured

19 Jul 2011 FRN De La torre

Congrats!!! Really good work

07 Jun 2011 Nikolay Chumerin

Amazing! Nice work!

28 May 2011 Arvydas

Dear Teja,
could you tell me how can I change all this to be able to recognise numbers on a playing cards?
I can see you got a data template for the digits. How could I tell it to scan a number and tell me which is it just on a screen? Is it difficult?

28 May 2011 Arvydas

Brilliant work! One of the best!

28 May 2011 Arvydas

26 May 2011 Saint Alpha

Incredible! I like that!

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24 May 2011 James

James (view profile)

12 May 2011 Wu

Wu (view profile)

02 May 2011 Vibhuti

really awesome !!

29 Apr 2011 Andres Hoyos

I can't imagina, that company pays you for do that work, it's so fun.

29 Apr 2011 Nikesh Bajaj

Nikesh Bajaj (view profile)


04 Mar 2011 Vital

Vital (view profile)

Nice work, nxt step to mechanically automate the process?

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24 Feb 2011 1.3

There was an insidious bug in

That is now fixed.

28 Feb 2011 1.4

Added a notice in the description regarding the fact that "Sudoku" is a trademark in Japan.

03 Mar 2011 1.5

Added a missing file (TEMPLATEDATA)

11 Apr 2012 1.7

Due to a few changes regarding MATLAB math in R2012a, this demo needed some updating. Namely, since MEDIAN now errors with UINT8 input, a small fix we needed to correct this. This updated file should now work with R2012a.

01 Sep 2016

Updated license

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