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Design apply and learn the Gabor Filter via GUI.



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I've made this GUI for a couple of my students, which were learning the Gabor Filtering, and had hard a time to understand the subject. This helped them to get some intuition about what Gabor Filtering is, what are its benefits and what are its uses.
The GUI allows you to play with Gabor filters in order to understand this important topic. The user may define a Gabor Filter with all possible parameters, and to filter an image he wishes to. He then
can see the filtered image, it's phase and amplitude (as it's unreal signal). The Gabor Filter can be viewed in both spatial/frequency domain, and it can be saved for future use.

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Updated to include an App file for R2012b


Version No': 1.02 Release date: 17/03/2011

Changes list:
•Help menu added.
•Figure panel buttons (zoom, rotate etc...) added.

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MATLAB 8.0 (R2012b)

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