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ARMADA Data Mining Tool version 1.4

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An association rule data mining tool for experimentation and analysis.

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Association rules are a simple but very useful form of data mining that describe the probabilistic co-occurrence of certain events within a database. They were originally designed to analyse market-basket data, in which the likelihood of items being purchased together within the same transaction were analysed.

In the ARMADA tool (Association Rule Mining And Deduction Analysis) the rules are presented in the form of;

Item1, ItemN => ItemX

The rule is evaluated using two numerical measures.

SUPPORT: The number of occurrences, within the data set, of all components of an association rule occurring within a single transaction (a transaction can be thought of as a row in a conventional database).

CONFIDENCE: This is the probability that, given the antecedent (left hand side of the rule) being true, the consequent (right hand side) is true.

ARMADA contains several visualisation techniques for analysing quantative and qualative measures of each rule, as well as several strategies for undertaking data mining which can be used as exclusive or combinatorial methods.

To run GUI version type ARMADA in command line.

NOTE: A major bug fix was applied to version 1.4 which affected newer versions of MATLAB not generating large rules. This is now resolved.


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ML (view profile)


Animesh Paul

I am not able to install ARMADA into Matlab R2013a. I have copied and pasted the contents of the disk into C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2013a\bin but when I type ARMADA into the Matlab command prompt it shows this error message:

Cannot find an exact (case-sensitive) match for 'ARMADA.m'

The closest match is C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R2013a\bin\ARMADA.M

To change the file extension, cd to the file's folder, type:
   movefile ARMADA.M ARMADA.m_bad; movefile ARMADA.m_bad ARMADA.m and then cd back.

Please help. Waiting for reply.

I am having a transaction dataset of 5 Rows and 1975 Columns. This ARMADA tool is not working for such a big dataset. When I am starting the tool for mining the Command window is showing :
Reading data file...
Beginning mining...
Counted LHS: 2 rules
And the execution is stopping. If this is the problem then how to form the Association rule mining for large dataset.

While running the ARMADA file the GUI Window will open here how to give the input path file there...

venu madhav

 I got the error " please check the file and mining criteria specified"...I have used lottery.txt example. how to fix this problem,pl pl help


cjg (view profile)

I also want to mine rule like A,B->C,but don't know how.

rules generated r of the form item -> item .. only one item on either side with some conf and support value... if u want generate rules containing more than one item on either side.. how to do it. A->C conf 80% supp 50% and B->C conf 80% supp 50% doent mean A,B->C .. they may belong to diff itemset. .. can any 1 clarify my doubt .. i just wanted to know more abt the o/p format ... thanx in advance ...

I got the error " please check the file and mining criteria specified"...but I've a data that separated with comma. What should I do?..Please help me....

Bayu AT

nice tools, very helpful!

he weisong

suresh pon

nancy jane

Wei Luo

It does not work under Matlab (R14) Service Pack 3.

khanchel riadh

ajit majumder

Keshri Verma

xcxc xcxc

Wang HQ

Good !

realen wang


mod cat

my hu

It work.

But how ?

zc w

It doesn't work.

zc wang

ok! Let me try!

Hüseyin OCAK

It is a simple tools for starters. It has visual advantages of MatLab against other Association Rule Tools. It can work only on numerical attributes. You can only change minimum support and minimum confidence values, but you can build rule goals to seek Armada for. Also you can take samples from the dataset in order to decrease the computation time, which may cause misleading results.

alejandro delphin

hanaa alnajar

malay wang

This tool is great. It is simple and convinent. If its future version can show the temp result of Apirioi,FP-tree,,,'s progress will be even great.

wu xiaojing

Greg Y. Smith

Good analysis methods and graphs. Perhaps future version for text would be useful?



Bug fix to previous version, fixes the known bug on later versions of Matlab which did not generate rules of larger than 2 item sets. FIXED

Forgot to change heading to latest version name in last update (should be 1.3 now).

New version 1.3 of Armada now compatible with Matlab version 7 (and previous versions)

Update to description details.

Version 1.2 Update, includes new print functions and enhanced GUI.

Manual Update

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 6.1 (R12.1)

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