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a Coriolis tutorial

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Scripts that demonstrate aspects of rotating reference frames, Coriolis force and geostrophy.



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This material is intended to supplement the treatment of Earth's rotation and the Coriolis force that is given in introductory courses on geophysical fluid dynamics. There are scripts that solve for the motion of a dense particle on a rotating slope and for the geostrophic adjustment that occurs in a rotating, shallow water model. The latter can include a spatially varying Coriolis parameter (beta effect).

A three-part essay that accompanies this material is the motivation for these scripts.

Jim Price, October, 2013.

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F Moisy

Good documentation

Whit Anderson

Well coded and the documentation is top notch.

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A third try at attaching the new, update file. I've got a good feeling about this one.....


Revised Matlab scipts, and a largely new Part 3 text.


The text describing the Coriolis force and it's consequences has been expanded significantly. Now comes in two parts.

Many detailed revisions to the manuscript, aCt.pdf, which now has active links and a greater range and number of homework problems.

Revisions to the manuscript, aCt.pdf.

Revisions to the manuscript, aCt.pdf.

A new script that shows forced, rotating motion, Coriolis_forced.m, and a significant revision to the manuscript, now called aCt.pdf.

Another revision of the manuscript, TCA_revC.pdf

Revised manuscript, TCA_revC.pdf

Revised manuscript, TCA.pdf

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