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Matlab code for my Graduate Thesis

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Numerically solves the diffusion equations as it pertains to medical imaging.



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The samples of code included numerically solve the diffusion equation as it arises in medical imaging. This process is done with multiple solution methods, various boundary conditions, and in multiple dimensions.

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Qwuasi Moore

jichao zhao

thanks for sharing, please put more descriptions for readers. To figure out what you have done may take longer than to write codes myself with your help.

Richard Crozier

I would also suggest using a more descriptive title.


ali (view profile)

Thank you very much.
But could you please explain alittle mnore or say the references?

Sean de

Sean de (view profile)

This looks like a very nice compilation of code that could very definitely be useful. Do you think you could include a PDF file or README file that briefly tells us what each function is/does?

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