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A simple GUI with basic image processing functionalities.

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This is a GUI that demonstrates some basic image processing functionalities, e.g., color filtering, motion filtering, etc. The user can load any of the basic image file types and then generate a secondary image based on the provided functionalities. All of the adopted functionalities make direct use of Matlab buildin functions, apart from the "Color Filter" procedure, which is not straightforward and has been implemented for this demo.

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pretty good


thank u

thanks for your share

Lane Foulks

This is a pretty good app. However, I did have get an error when loading .bmp images. LoadButton_Callback() creates a variable info = imfinfo(handles.fullPath), then it calls the field info.Comment. The problem is that my .bmp files don't have a Comment field.

I was able to fix this bug, by putting the following check right after the creation on the 'info' variable:

if ~isfield(info,'Comment')
info.Comment = [];


Nina (view profile)

This is awesome!Thank you very much!


can i find the upper pixel and lower pixel value to detect the length of that object in motion.


Sam (view profile)

Also, can the zoom in and out button be included into the user interface? I'm still a new learner in image processing so I'm sorry for the trouble. ^ ^


Sam (view profile)

Hello! Thank you for your previous feedback :) May if i ask your opinion about the de-blurring function in image processing? Is it complicated to add the function into GUI?

Hi Sam. Thank you for your question. This is quite simple actually. You only need to add a button and then use the imrotate function ( I am uploading an updated version which provides you the ability to rotate an image (rotate angle is selected in the range 0.360 using a slider).


Sam (view profile)

Hi there! Your image processing GUI was very outstanding! I'm currently working on image processing for my final year project and still a newbie. I was wondering if you could add a rotation button(90,180,270 degree) function into the GUI? Your feedback would be highly appreciated...TQ



Updated to include an App file for R2012b


Update 1 (2011-02-15): Image rotation functionality added


Update 1 (2011-02-15): Image rotation functionality added

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MATLAB 8.0 (R2012b)

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