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Doraemon Helper Block

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A helper block that allow you to add blocks at ease.

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Doraemon is a helper block that allow you to add blocks without
going back to the simulink library browser. You can double-click
the Doraemon block which is previously added in the current model
and type in the predefined short names for blocks in the popup
dialog, and they will be added into model after you hit OK.

Doraemon is quite helpful during setup of new models which
involves a lot of window switching between the simulink library
browser and the lib, which is really distracting. With Doraemon,
you do not need to switch windows for adding blocks. Beyond the
predefined frequently used blocks, you can also add blocks you
like in the list by editing the addblock2model.m file.

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Change RAR pack into ZIP pack.


Streamlined the code and introduced "Additional Code" to give it a bit more flexibility. Try it out!

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MATLAB 7.11 (R2010b)

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