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An advanced interface for 1-D signal visualization & editing.

ConstructWindow(WindowType, n, winopt)
%   w = window(WindowType, n, winopt)
%   an overloaded function of matlab's window function that allows the
%   construction of a window according to a string rather than a function
%   pointer.
%   Input Arguments:
%     n: [1x1] window size (in samples)
%     WindowType: [string] type of window. accepted types are:
%        'hamming', 'hanning', 'barthannwin', 'bartlett', 'blackman', 
%        'blackmanharris', 'bohmanwin', 'chebwin', 'flattopwin',
%        'gausswin', 'hann', 'kaiser', 'nuttallwin',
%        'parzenwin', 'rectwin', 'taylorwin', 'triang', 'tukeywin'
%   Output Arguments:
%     W: [1xNf] window waveform
function w = ConstructWindow(WindowType, n, winopt)
switch WindowType
    case 'hamming'
        w = window(@hamming,n);
    case 'hanning'
        w = window(@hanning,n);
    case 'barthannwin'
        w = window(@barthannwin,n);
    case 'bartlett'
        w = window(@bartlett,n);       
    case 'blackman'
        w = window(@blackman,n);      
    case 'blackmanharris'
        w = window(@blackmanharris,n);      
    case 'bohmanwin'
        w = window(@bohmanwin,n);      
    case 'chebwin'
        w = window(@chebwin,n);    
    case 'flattopwin'
        w = window(@flattopwin,n);      
    case 'gausswin'
        w = window(@gausswin,n);      
    case 'hann'
        w = window(@hann,n);     
    case 'kaiser'
        w = window(@kaiser,n)       
    case 'nuttallwin'
        w = window(@nuttallwin,n);      
    case 'parzenwin'
        w = window(@parzenwin,n);     
    case 'rectwin'
        w = window(@rectwin,n);       
    case 'taylorwin'
        w = window(@taylorwin,n);      
    case 'triang'
        w = window(@triang,n);    
    case 'tukeywin'
        w = window(@tukeywin,n);
        error('WindowType is not recognized');

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