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Command window file explorer

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Embedded html links to open, run, or edit files from the command window. With bookmarks!



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Displays a directory listing in two colors. Beside each directory or file has a link to do one of the following:
- Open the file using the OS
- Open the directory with windows explorer
- Run a .m file as a script
Clicking on the file name will edit the file using matlab. Clicking on a directory changes the current directory.

Add bookmarks by clicking an empty link on the top bar.

For now this is windows only since I use "system(['dir ',cd,'/A-D /B'])".

The links are colored using
fprintf(1,str) -- blue
fprintf(2,str) -- red
The explanation is here:

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Minor tweaks, more links, now uses 2 colors, sorted dir listing.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.11 (R2010b)

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