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Embedded Coder Support Package for Beagle Board

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Embedded Coder Support Package for Beagle Board



10 Feb 2011 (Updated )

Simulink block library for creating standalone applications for the Beagle Board

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File Information

BeagleBoard ( is an open low-cost single-board computer designed for audio, video, and digital signal processing.

Simulink Support Package for BeagleBoard enables you to develop your BeagleBoard application on a Windows platform. You automatically generate C code from your model and compile it directly on the BeagleBoard, eliminating the need for a Windows-based ARM cross-compiler.

The support package comes with the following driver blocks:
* Video Input
* Audio Input
* Audio Output

NOTE: Starting with R2012a, the ability to deploy applications to Beagleboard is included in Simulink (no additional products are required). For more info, see

This FileExchange entry (which requires Embedded Coder) can continue to be used with older releases, but is no longer actively maintained.

Required Products Simulink Coder
Embedded Coder
Target Support Package
MATLAB release MATLAB 7.11 (R2010b)
Other requirements * Simulink Support Package for BeagleBoard requires a Windows platform * Targeting from a Linux host is supported natively in R2010b (
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Comments and Ratings (18)
09 Jan 2014 Jeridiah

Are there plans to add support for ADC blocks? I would like to use ADC for temperature readings.

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18 Apr 2013 Lennart

What is the difference between this and the support package under the academia link (
Is it just for an older Matlab Distribution or are there any differences. Especially since this version apparently needs Embedded Coder, while the other package doesn't.

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25 Jun 2012 Syed

Syed (view profile)

Also is this compatible with the new beagle bone ?

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30 Mar 2012 MathWorks Classroom Resources Team

NOTE: Starting with R2012a, the ability to deploy applications to Beagleboard is included in Simulink (no additional products are required). For more info, see

For a summary of Beagleboard support in releases prior to R2012a, see

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06 Feb 2012 Benny

Benny (view profile)

I am really interested in the BeagleBone support schedulle. Can you give us a release data????
It would be a huge jump!!!!

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31 Jan 2012 Murat Belge

There are no GPIO blocks available for BeagleBoard in this support package. However, we are planning to add support for GPIO read/write in a future release.

There is no PWM on BeagleBoard (xM or Bx/Cx). You can emulate a basic PWM using GPIO but this would be a poor substitute.

BeagleBone support is planned for a feature release.

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05 Jan 2012 Frazer

Frazer (view profile)

Is there a Simulink package for Beagleboard-XM on Matlab 2011a?

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24 Dec 2011 Nuri Temurlenk

How can I utilize GPIO's on beagleboard?

Also PWM outputs?

Also What abour Beaglebone support? Is it on the way?

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10 Nov 2011 Murat Belge

There is no Simulink video display block to support display through the HDMI output port.

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08 Nov 2011 Nilesh chandrakar

If i want to show the output of video from HDMI port of Beagle board,than how it can?is there any block for video output which is supported by board? so that code is generated accordingly.

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28 Jul 2011 Sreeram Mohan

In the past i have used a logitech 9000 webcam pro and it seems to work fine with the beagleboards !

I referred to this video while i did one of my video projects.

Hope this helps

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15 Jul 2011 Murat Belge

The Angstrom distribution has V4L2 drivers for a set of Webcams. The UVC Webcams, for example, are well-supported. I use a Logitech Webcam C6000 and it works well. One thing you might try is to see if the kernel module for UVC webcam is loaded. Look at the following link: This is for Ubuntu but Angstrom is similar.

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29 Jun 2011 Leow Cheah Wei

i can't seem to get the webcam working on Beagleboard xm, with Angstrom image. the Angstrom doesn't seems to offer V4L2 driver for webcam. Someone can point out any link that describe how to overcome this?

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21 Jun 2011 john

john (view profile)

I'm also interested in using Beagleboard xM with Matlab 2011a. Is it possible?

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19 Jun 2011 Leow Cheah Wei

can i use this in R2011a? i don't find the v4l2 block

can i use this on beagleboard XM?

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13 Jun 2011 Gautam Vallabha

Once you install the BeagleBoard files, you can open the demo by typing:
>> open v4l2_display_test

(That is a lowercase "L" following the "v4")

To see the location of the demo, type:
>> which v4l2_display_test

To see the location of the BeagleBoard library, type:
>> which v4l2lib

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13 Jun 2011 Gautam Vallabha

Note: in "v4l2_display_test", that is a lowercase "L" following the "v4".

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12 Jun 2011 Leow Cheah Wei

how can i get the example simulink file above? (i.e the edge detection)

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01 Jun 2011 1.1

Fixed minor typo in description

01 Mar 2012 1.2

Updated description and title

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