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Checks for and displays user specific path definitions

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Working on several projects - m-files each in a separate folder - needs the knowledge about the current folder in the search path. IsPath checks for user specific folder(s) in the search path.
p = IsPath(<foldername>); %returns true or false

p = IsPath; %returns a string with all user specific path(s). Can be used by rmpath(p) to remove all specific path definitions

MATLAB release MATLAB 7.11 (R2010b)
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28 Mar 2012 Ben

Thanks! Saved me from having to write this myself!

28 Mar 2012 Ben  
15 Feb 2011 Evgeny Pr

@Jan Simon,
RandStream this is the class. For class names is well-suited. I agree that the functions can be called a convention "camelCase" (for example: fastSort).

13 Feb 2011 Jan Simon

@Evgeny: Using (sulking)camel-case for user defined functions has a great advantage: If someone reads the code, it is obvious, if a certain function is user-defined or a toolbox function of Matlab -- but e.g. RandStream is not lower case also.

11 Feb 2011 Evgeny Pr

fix: outs = false(size(MyPaths))

4. For support crossplatform need to check the case-sensitive file system.

5. Rename IsPath to ispath (good MATLAB coding style)

This trivia :)

11 Feb 2011 Evgeny Pr


1. You need to remove the last file separator (or all excess separators) in checked path.

IsPath('mypath') => true
IsPath('mypath\') => false

2. More simple check method (instead of loop):
if isempty(intersect(MPath, Pfad))
tf = false
tf = true

3. Supports checking multiple paths
IsPath({'mypath1', 'mypath2', 'mypathN'})
Out for example:
0, 1, 0

MyPaths - cell array of checked paths

outs = false(numel(MyPaths))
[~, inds] = intersect(MyPaths, MPath)
outs(inds) = true;

Good luck!

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