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Generates polar stereographic maps of the Arctic or Antarctic as a square or rectangular plot.



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This simple function generates polar stereographic maps of the Arctic and Antarctic with rectangular boundaries using Matlab's Mapping Toolbox. Typically, polar stereographic maps in Matlab appear with circular bounds, but this is often not the most space-efficient way to display information about the Southern Ocean or Arctic System. Ncpolarm provides several preset options for plotting arctic sea ice and displaying information about the Arctic System, as well as being applicable to Antarctic and Southern Ocean science.

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之前没有找到mapping toolbox里极地投影画极地的好方法,我用worldmap('np')然后geoshow画图有问题出现。ncpolarm函数很好用,配合geoshow达到我的目的了

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.11 (R2010b)

Inspired: Arctic Mapping Tools, Antarctic Mapping Tools

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