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Web Server Demo

Web Server Demo



How to deploy a MATLABĀ® made application on a web server

%% Phone Tower Optimization Demo

%% Setup problem
% the towers and side parameters are hard coded, but they are
% intended to come from a user through a graphical user interface.
% the set up function computes randomized radius (uniformly between 1 and 2 chosen) 
% for the number of towers specified and initial positions 
%located in the square with the specified size
towers = 15;
side = 10;
[R,xL,xU,yL,yU,lb,ub,x0] = myCelltowersetup(towers,side);

%% Display initial configuration
figure('name', 'Initial Cell Tower Configuration');
%% Perform optimization and display result
[x,fval,exitflag,output] = myOptim(x0,lb,ub);

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