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Bulirsch-Stoer Propagator/Integrat​or

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Implementation of the Bulirsch-Stoer algorithm for purposes of numerical orbit propagation.



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The bulirsch-Stoer single-step ODE propagator has come to MATLAB in
the form of a MEX adaptation of Juergen Dietel's Numerical ODE solver. This may very well be the fastest single-step numerical propagator released on the Mathworks FileExchange.

All functions are written in c++ and must be compiled to run on MATLAB. This code has been verified to compile correctly using MS Visual Studio 2010.

Please Compile using the following command sequence:
>> mex BulirschMex.cpp bulirsch.cpp basis_r.cpp t_dgls.cpp vmblock.cpp

See testDriver.m for sample orbit propagation comparisons using Burlisch-Stoer vs ODE113.

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MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.11 (R2010b)

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