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Superresolution Demo

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Superresolution Demo


Samuel Cheng (view profile)


21 Feb 2011 (Updated )

A simple superresolution demo based on POCS.

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File Information

This is a superresolution based on projection onto convex sets (POCS).
You can also compare the result with bilinear projection (using only
one of the frames).

To start, run sr_gui in Matlab. Please see readme or watch

for detail instruction.

MATLAB release MATLAB 7.11 (R2010b)
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Comments and Ratings (11)
02 Nov 2016 Debarati Maiti

Thank you so much for sharing the code with us. Could you please let us know which paper did you refer to for coding this.
Thanks in advance.

13 May 2016 Sushil Desai

can anyone please provide me with the papers related to this code. OR rather any reference regarding.

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13 Oct 2015 Amm

Amm (view profile)

I need some reference for this. Will anyone please provide me.

20 Jun 2015 Gauraang Khurana

For all those who are not able to use the above code

1. Go to File and select a folder where all your images are stored. These must be same, they can be slightly displaced or rotated but the image content must be same.

2. Drag the slider to any no of images, it should be more than 2.

3. Crop the area you want to super resolve. Draw a rectangle on the image. Change zoom level as per your choice.

4. Click on 'Register Images'. This will match the cropped area with rest of your images. This function will find the coordinates of the cropped area in every other figure.

5. Click 'SR(Color)' or black and white as per you like.

Hope this helps.
Leave comments for any queries or email me

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28 Apr 2015 Baptiste


I have the same problem than Stephen: I load the images, The rotate, then register them.

When I want to Zoom or execute the SR, the same error appear about the 'start_pos' parameter. Maybe because Matlab 2014 don't work with a old GUI version?

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06 Jun 2014 siyu

siyu (view profile)

28 Jan 2014 srinikhil ch

can u provide related journal to this

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05 Apr 2012 Zhuozheng WANG

Hi, Samuel ,I don't know what happened with your code in Matlab. When I typed 'sui_gui', nothing happened and too many errors. Do you have email. I want to ask you some question. Thank you.

18 Jul 2011 Samuel Cheng

Samuel Cheng (view profile)

I forgot to put it in the readme. Actually, you are supposed to load the image first. Watching this should help

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18 Jul 2011 Stephen Becker

Stephen Becker (view profile)

Using R2010a, it doesn't work for me. Clicking most of the buttons (such as the 1x, 2x ...) result in error messages, such as:

??? Reference to non-existent field 'start_pos'.


??? Reference to non-existent field 'images'.

To be more concrete, I can generate the latter error message by:
(1) running "sr_gui"
(2) clicking the "register images" button

I'm not sure if this is because another button needs to be clicked first; if that is the case, then maybe a useful warning message can be generated.

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26 May 2011 sherry

sherry (view profile)

10 May 2012 1.3

Fix a bug that happened when the dataset contains grey scale images.

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