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space vector PWM for 2 leg inverter

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Semiconductor switches mainly determine the overall price of power 2leg inverters best



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two-leg inverters are the best option for high performance low power applications. It can be resolved by comparing the no of semiconductor switches usage in 2-leg and 3-leg inverters and moreover two leg inverters allow the asymmetrical voltages. To enable this, space vector pulse width modulation (SVPWM) technique for two-leg and three-leg inverters is presented.

SVPWM is an advanced pulse width modulation (PWM) technique which is used to generate gating signals for the inverters. This PWM scheme requires only instantaneous phase reference voltages for its implementation in the full range. The time consuming task of sector identification is altogether avoided with this scheme and computational burden is also reduced. Also switching ripple is less and harmonic distortion of the output wave decreases by the SVM.

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Thank you very much for your comments

Please find the detailed document for above model!

when i open the simulink, matlab stops and a message appears "matlab has encounter a ninternal problem" and ask me to end now and close it

Arnaud Miege

As far as I can see, only Simulink and SimPowerSystems are required. Could you remove SimDriveline, SimMechanics and SimElectronics from the required products list, as it's confusing when searching for a SimMechanics file to find this?


ohga (view profile)

good work sir, but before induction motor gives the good result. later not good

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