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Used in digital signal processing

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In signal processing, cross-correlation is a measure of similarity of two waveforms as a function of a time-lag applied to one of them. This is also known as a sliding dot product or inner-product. It is commonly used to search a long duration signal for a shorter, known feature. It also has applications in pattern recognition, single particle analysis, electron tomographic averaging, cryptanalysis, and neurophysiology.

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Jan Simon

Jan Simon (view profile)

This is a script and not a function, therefore you cannot define input arguments. The values are obtained by INPUT, which has a very limited use and usability. There is no comment or help section in the code. It is not working, because the function "shift" is unknown.

@ Sean all constructive feedback helps community members learn how to improve their files. In regards to the quality, we leave it to the community to rate and comment on files. If you have any concerns, feel free to contact me at
Community Administrator

Mark Shore

On the bright side, it doesn't actually require the Communications Toolbox.

And who doesn't enjoy manually entering two signal vectors from the command line?

Sean de

Sean de (view profile)

script that clears all doesn't work because "shift" isn't defined and requires user input to run (well it doesn't run, but it needs input to get to the point where it errors out).

And correlation is misspelled! Come on!

Completely useless: admin please remove.

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