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Scrolling XY plot to display streaming data.



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Displays streaming data - you determine the number of points to show and new points move the curve to the left.

Very similar to StripChart.m, but useful if you care about the actual x-values of the data.

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Nathan Tomlin

Hi Clayton, I think either method should be the same, using :nPts or :end. I use it regularly showing 10,000 pts without problems, but mostly on older versions of matlab. I'm not sure why you get an error...

Clayton Chu

Nice work! I found a bug, I think. The update block has the lines `xnew = new(end-nPts+1:nPts)` and `ynew = ynew(end-nPts+1:nPts)` when `nPts > length(xData)`. The comment says that we only keep the last part of the data when there is more new data than original. Should the vectors extend to `end` instead of `nPts`? I was getting some errors when trying to update large vectors to the stripchart. This could be an upstream problem since you've essentially forked from a different Stripchart function.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.1.0 (R14SP3)

Inspired by: Strip Chart

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