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Kakuro solver

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A solver to solve Kakuro problem, formulated into MILP with normal and binary model.



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Added GUI for the Kakuro solver. KakuroGUI.m is the main file to run the GUI.

solveKakuro0.m and solveKakuro.m are two functional file to solve Kakuro problem, and their usage is demonstrated in detail in solveKakuro_demo.m file.

solveKakuro0.m and solveKakuro.m require latest release of YALMIP to work.

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Sorry. Only need to use Yalmip, and only works for old version of Yalmip (I can't remember which version, around 2 or 3 years back). New version of Yalmip may not be able to solve large Kakuro problem.



Improved solving speed by forcing MATLAB built-in LINPROG to solve using sparse matrices. Thanks to Johan (YALMIP developer) for his comments.


Added GUI and documentation. This project has been considered complete and no further update will be provided.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.6 (R2008a)

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