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Multiple or partial INTERSECT function

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INTERSECTN allows > 2 inputs and finds partial intersects! Much more flexible than intersect alone!

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% INTERSECTN functions similarly to INTERSECT, but has some added
% flexibility. For example, if you input three arrays and want to find
% items that are in at least two of them, INTERSECT is incapable of doing
% this, but INTERSECTN will do it.
% Inputs: IN1,IN2,... are cell arrays of strings or numerical vectors.
% MATCHES is a scalar, the number of matches that are required.
% For example, if you have three sets of fruit names, and you want to
% return any fruits that show up in at least two of these sets, use:
% Example:
% fruit{1} = {'apple','banana','cherry','orange'};
% fruit{2} = {'apple','cherry','lemon','tangerine'};
% fruit{3} = {'apple','lemon','lime','peach'};
% fruit{4} = {'apple','lemon','orange','coconut'};
% out = intersectn(fruit{:},4)
% returns: 'apple'
% out = intersectn(fruit{:},3)
% returns: {'apple','lemon'}
% out = intersectn(fruit{:},2)
% returns: {'apple','cherry','lemon','orange'}

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Ulrik (view profile)

You forgot to state that it requeres the Statistics Toolbox due to the use of "combnk"


peter (view profile)

this is EXACTLY what I was looking ..., thanks



Updated file description.

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