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Multiple or partial INTERSECT function

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Multiple or partial INTERSECT function



11 Mar 2011 (Updated )

INTERSECTN allows > 2 inputs and finds partial intersects! Much more flexible than intersect alone!

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File Information

% INTERSECTN functions similarly to INTERSECT, but has some added
% flexibility. For example, if you input three arrays and want to find
% items that are in at least two of them, INTERSECT is incapable of doing
% this, but INTERSECTN will do it.
% Inputs: IN1,IN2,... are cell arrays of strings or numerical vectors.
% MATCHES is a scalar, the number of matches that are required.
% For example, if you have three sets of fruit names, and you want to
% return any fruits that show up in at least two of these sets, use:
% Example:
% fruit{1} = {'apple','banana','cherry','orange'};
% fruit{2} = {'apple','cherry','lemon','tangerine'};
% fruit{3} = {'apple','lemon','lime','peach'};
% fruit{4} = {'apple','lemon','orange','coconut'};
% out = intersectn(fruit{:},4)
% returns: 'apple'
% out = intersectn(fruit{:},3)
% returns: {'apple','lemon'}
% out = intersectn(fruit{:},2)
% returns: {'apple','cherry','lemon','orange'}

MATLAB release MATLAB 7.9 (R2009b)
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Comments and Ratings (2)
12 Jun 2013 Ulrik

Ulrik (view profile)

You forgot to state that it requeres the Statistics Toolbox due to the use of "combnk"

13 Mar 2011 peter

peter (view profile)

this is EXACTLY what I was looking ..., thanks

11 Mar 2011 1.1

Updated file description.

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