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RANSAC algorithm with example of finding homography

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RANSAC algorithm with example of line fitting and finding homography of 2 images

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There are 2 implementations of RANdom SAmple Consensus algorithm in the file, one for 2D line fitting only, the other for general purposes(fitting dataA with data B). Example (Finding a homography between 2 images) is provided and the comments are detailed.

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Can it be used to fit circles??

Athira A

Hi, i'm trying to find Homography i do
d = 2;
Points = rand(d,n);
but there an error , could you help me please:
"Error in findHomography>calcDist (line 24)
d = sum((pts2-pts3).^2,1);"
Other issue is when i try to change d= 3;

Jiri Skala

Works very well. Exactly what I needed to finish my SIFT image registration.

rukis chang

sky sumbra

Thank you very much
It worked fine for me

Hey thanks for the code,
but the error that persists is that in the noisy data again the fitting is coming out to be wrong. It fits the co-ordinates the data for noisy data as well.

I am implementing the code on a Image processing method.


sheng (view profile)

How to give our Input in this RANSAC Code. Provide that Code.


maryam (view profile)




can we use it for fingerprint alignment???
Please tell soon


Ehsan (view profile)

good job Edward

Many thanks Edward, but what if I wanted to fit a 3D line to a noisy 3D data?

Van Tan


vo danh

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