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Lucas-Kanade Tracker with pyramid and iteration

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Use Lucas-Kanade Algorithm to track feature points between 2 images



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The file contains Lucas-Kanade Tracker with pyramid and iteration to improve performance. There is a wrapper for image sequences, and a corner detection function using Shi-Tomasi method.

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siva ganesh


I guess you should use original X1,Y1 instead of computed xt,yt for the calculation of Ix Iy I1 in each higher pyramid.



Samiya (view profile)

Can some one please help me a demo or steps to execute and how to use test data to observe the results.

Theo Walker

Nice! This works well for my cell tracking application.

If you want to learn more about the method, take a look at the lecture that this code is based on:


Jacek (view profile)

Hi Edward,
could you tell me what literature you used for this algorithm?
Was it by any chance:
1. Pyramidal Implementation of the Lucas Kanade Feature Tracker
Description of the algorithm?

Best Regards


Vineet (view profile)

Does not works well for moving camera.


Meenu (view profile)

Hi friend i have to track cars in the vedio (camera is also in motion).... Kindly tell how to start with your algorithm and whether it works


Pascal (view profile)

Hi Edward,

How do you use your algorithm?
Is there any demo?

I'm able to see what to do with X2 and Y2?

Best Regards

Ke Yan

Ke Yan (view profile)

Jackson Shen

Hi Edward,

Is there any test data for us to play?

Kindly Regards,



.zip file


fixed a bug reported by Bronislav Přibyl, function eig2 in corner_ST.m, detA = a(1,1,:).*a(2,2,:)-a(1,2,:).*a(2,2,:);


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