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Conversion from graph incidence matrix to adjacency matrix.



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Returns a sparse adjacency matrix 'mAdj' according to the incidence matrix 'mInc'. The rows in the incidence matrix must represent the edges, while the columns the vertices.
Function can handle directed graphs with incidence matrix containing -1s, indicating an "in-going" edge, and 1s indicating an "out-going" edge.

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Ondrej (view profile)

I don't quite understand what kind of problem you had, Muhammad. The function should return normal adjacency matrix and not adjacency list. Could you please provide some example and the expected result you would want? And of course, if you noticed some incorrect behaviour, I would gladly fix it.

It was of great help. Thanks! Being occasional user of Matlab, however, the ideal output for me would have been a matrix, or at least some properly delimited list. I had a hard time converting the output into proper adjacency matrix I needed. This was due to different number of spaces before, within, and after each element. It would be great if the output is in the form 1,2,3 with no spaces anywhere. I used Matlab7.10 (R2010a).



checks for correct input added (Thanks to Kaif Agbaje)


input consistency check modified


handled case when the input matrix is zero


Major code optimization (Thanks to Andreas Gunnel for inspiration)


faster check of the input matrix

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.9 (R2009b)

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