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Hammerstein Toolbox

Rapid estimation of the structural elements composing a cascade of Hammerstein models.



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In a number of vibration applications, systems under study are slightly non-linear. Cascade of Hammerstein models conveniently allows one to describe such systems.
The Hammerstein Toolbox provides a simple method based on a phase property of exponential sine sweeps
to estimate the structural elements (Kernels) of such a model from only one measured response of the system.
[1] M. Rébillat, R. Hennequin, E. Corteel, B.F.G. Katz, "Identification of cascade of Hammerstein models for the description of non-linearities in vibrating devices", Journal of Sound and Vibration, Volume 330, Issue
5, Pages 1018-1038, February 2011.

[2] A. Novak, L. Simon, F. Kadlec, P. Lotton, "Nonlinear system identification using exponential swept-sine signal", IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement, Volume 59, Issue 8, Pages 2220-2229, August 2010.

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If I want to verify the method on some general input signal, I get a scaling problem. I use :
for n = 1:order
yN = yN + convq(hhatN(n,:),xN.^n) ;
with xN being some jump function, for example.

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jing zhang


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Updates by A. NOVAK (March 2015)


Updates by A. NOVAK, March 2015


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Modifications done by A. Novak.


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