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A GPU Mandelbrot Set

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A GPU Mandelbrot Set



25 May 2011 (Updated )

Explore the Mandelbrot Set using MATLAB and a GPU.

A GPU Mandelbrot Set

Explore the Mandelbrot Set using MATLAB and a GPU.

This application allows you to explore the wonders of the Mandelbrot Set in MATLAB with the help of a capable GPU. It is primarily intended as a demonstration of the different ways in which a MATLAB algorithm can be converted to run on the GPU, however it also has some fun features:

* Use the normal MATLAB zoom and pan to browse the Mandelbrot Set
* Sit back and watch the app pan and zoom between pre-stored locations in the set
* Add your own locations to the animation list

Three different ways of speeding up the algorithm using GPU hardware are provided along with a normal CPU-only version. Have a look at the code for these to get a feeling for how MATLAB's GPU support works.

See also the related "GPU Julia Set Explorer":

NB: Requires MATLAB R2012a or above with Parallel Computing Toolbox and a GPU with CUDA Compute Capability 1.3 or above.

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