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reads an image file and prints it. Useful for converting tiff files to pdf and eps using matlab

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% imprint % Print an image file
% imprint(Filename,varargin)
% Reads the image file 'Filename' and prints the image using the print
% options in varargin. See the print command for more information on the
% available options.
% Note
% The printed image will use the resolution of the image. This can be
% overrided by including the '-rXXX' print switch
% Operation
% Reads an image file using 'imread' and 'iminfo' and plot the data
% on an invisible figure using 'image'. The figure is then printted
% using the 'print' command.
% Example
% % Convert tiff file to pdf
% Filename = 'Tester.tiff'
% nFilename = 'Tester'
% imprint(Filename,'-dpdf',nFilename,'-painters')
% % Convert tiff file to eps
% Filename = 'Tester.tiff'
% nFilename = 'Tester'
% imprint(Filename,'-depsc2',nFilename,'-painters')
% See also
% imprint print imread iminfo image

%% Author Information
% Pierce Brady
% Smart Systems Integration Group - SSIS
% Cork Institute of Technology, Ireland.

MATLAB release MATLAB 7.8 (R2009a)
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