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Interpolates scattered data and saves the result to a vtk file.



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surface2vtk. Given the scattered data r and its co-ordinates x,y,z,
surface2vtk interpolates the data to a regular grid and saves the
resulting surface as a vtk file
e.g. surface2vtk(x,y,z,r,'surface.vtk')

For info about more complicated interpolation or translating different datasets to VTK please contact.

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James Ramm

Theres no requirement for integer inputs


Luke (view profile)

I noticed that the inputs have to be integers and what I have are floats. I could always just multiply my values by a scalar to make them whole numbers. Is there any other way to work around that problem?

James Ramm

If you wish to export a surface which has only 1 colour, simply create a vector, r, which has the same length as x,y and z and only 1 value.


Luke (view profile)


This is a great idea of how to save a surface from MATLAB but could you explain the imputs in a little more detail? What is the scattered data "r" that you have? I am assuming that is not the actually points because that is the x, y, and z variables. Could you help me understand that a little more?


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MATLAB 7.9 (R2009b)

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