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Random Forest

Random Forest


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13 Apr 2011 (Updated )

Creates an ensemble of cart trees similar to the matlab TreeBagger class.

function f_hist = weighted_hist(fdata,weights,nlabels)

%WEIGHTED_HIST Computes weighted histograms
%   f_hist = weighted_hist(fdata,weights,nlabels);
%   fdata is a 2-D matrix MxN where M is the number of votes and N the 
%   number of samples.
%   weights is a Mx1 weight vector
%   nlabels is the number of labels

v_subs = fdata + nlabels*repmat(0:(size(fdata,2)-1),size(fdata,1),1);
weights_val = repmat(weights,1,size(v_subs,2));
f_hist = accumarray(v_subs(:),weights_val(:));
f_hist = reshape(f_hist,nlabels,size(fdata,2));

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