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Write data to Excel

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Write matrix to Excel-file, and leave the files open. File written to is not saved.



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Write to an Excel-file. If file not excist, the file is created based on user input in the filename(xls, xlsx, xlsm...).

If the sheet not excist, the sheet is created. Range can be given as single cell, and the function calculate what range to write to. Otherwise the absolut range that fits the matrix size must be given in.

Default is that file is on current path, if optional path-values is given file is open outside the path, and created if not excist allready.

Comments are hastly translate an error control is done to some exstent.

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New version of the file is uploaded, errors are fixed.


Joseph (view profile)

I get the following error

??? Error using ==> eq
Matrix dimensions must agree.

Error in ==> w2excel at 26
if aktivtark.codename == w2sheet

Error in ==> test_w2excel at 3



Corrected the file so it start Excel if not open. This was not included in the last function.


File to write does not need to be active Excel file, function select correct file.


New upload 03-May-2012
Second upload comment:
Error reporte 02-May-2012 corrected.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.14 (R2012a)

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