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Test for trends in extreme values of data for several quantiles and data resolutions

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Software for testing for trends in extreme high values of data series. Significance of trends is estimated for several data resolutions and several values of quantiles.

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Tried to run the TDF function. The description is rather short and an example is missing (at least to my feeling). Finally, I had a problem with the decluster function, which is possibly due to incorrect setting of the variable resolution (in the TDF function it is said:

% resolution - a vector of multipliers. Default - 1.
% For example, if obs_per_day=24 resolution=[1 3 12]results will be
% calculated for hourly observations, for a sum of 3 hour observations and
% for a sum of 12 hour observations. Note that the lowest resolution that
% procedure can handle is one observation per 3 days.

I created a vector of ones for the resolution, and used daily data. The resulting warning is:

Decluster parameter too large

Please clarify how to set resolution e.g. for a time series with daily resolution.

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MATLAB 7.7 (R2008b)

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