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Animated anaglyph (red/cyan 3D) plot3.



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plot3AniAnaglyph(S,params) produces an anaglyph (red/cyan 3D) plot3 animation of the of arguments in cartesian coordinates (S = [X,Y,Z]).

The animation includes the evolution and rotation of the arguments confined to a 1x1x1 cube centered at (0,0,0).

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David Groppe

David Groppe (view profile)

This is really helpful for looking at 3D plots. Thanks for the great function.


Jeremy (view profile)

This program is well done and very interesting. I never knew I can see 3D plots visually on my own computer but you have made the seemingly impossible become possible. Thank you Jon.

This submission is AWESOME! It enables people to take their 3D plots and make them visually 3D. What a great idea!



• Input data is now lumped into the array S = [X,Y,Z].
• Added parameters: plot dots rather than lines, turn 3D on / off

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.12 (R2011a)

Inspired: Simple Anaglyph

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