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Simple file selection for images supported by IMREAD. Example of how to tailor UIGETFILE for images



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Use of UIGETFILE tailored for selection of image file(s) with formats supported by IMREAD. Handy, for me, because it saves frequent use of file selection, testing for no file, concatination of path and name, etc.

A dialog box is displayed for the user to fill in, and returns the filename and path strings. You can choose a single file, or several using the Shift and Ctrl keys in the usual way supported by the operating system.

[filename, fpath] = UIGETIMAGE(titl)


Example usage:
Returns full file path to selected file
> fn = uigetimage('Pick a picture file')

Returns names and path for file(s selected with default title
> [fn, fpath] = uigetimage;

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MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.11 (R2010b)

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