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SimEvents Entity Animation in 3D

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Basic infrastructure S-Function for hooking up a SimEvents model to Simulink 3D Animation



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The demo uses one possible implementation of hooking up a SimEvents model with 3D animation using Simulink 3D Animation.
A simple model of an entity generation is created in SimEvents. This entity generation is sampled in time to establish synchronism between the 3D objects created dynamically inside the Simulink 3D Animation environment and the SimEvents model.

The attribute functions are used to randomly select the color of the balls thereby modeling two dimensional randomized events in the system (entity generation and their color in time)

The 3D spheres that are created on the "fly" uses the PROTO definitions of similar objects contained in the "vrmarkers.wrl" file that ships with Simulink 3D Animation.
These objects can be replaced with more complex objects such as luggage, machine parts etc. Also, the velocity of the balls is the same for all to maintain homogeneity. This is a parameter that can be modified in the S-Function.

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