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Alternative Mathematics using MATLAB 7

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Alternative Mathematics using MATLAB 7



13 Mar 2003 (Updated )

Self-instructive text on undergraduate algebra, statistics, differential and integral calculus.

% ex231.m:  Frequency response of an RLC loop				      
clear all
R=10;					% Resistance (ohm)
L=1e-3;					% Inductance (henry)
C=1e-6;					% Capacitance (farad)
U=1.0;					% Real input voltage (volt)
F=logspace(1,6,500);			% Frequency vector (Hz)
omega=2*pi*F;				% Angular frequency
I=U./(R+ j*omega*L+ 1./(j*omega*C));		% Complex current I
figure(1),  semilogx( F, abs(I)),  grid on	
   xlabel('Frequency'),  	ylabel('|Current|')
figure(2),  semilogx( F, angle(I)),  grid on	
   xlabel('Frequency'),  ylabel('Phase angle')	

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