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Simple Solar Cell And Panel Model

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Simple function for I/V and P/V calculation for a Sunpower solar cell, frequently used in solar cars



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May 2011, tested on MATLAB R2010A

A simple function with a quick graph extraction on Excel from Sunpower's datasheets.
Made for A300 Sunpower's cells and panel, but easy to modify for other Silicons cells (amorphous, crystalline...)

Based on published code by Francisco M. González-Longatt, "Model of Photovoltaic Module in MatlabTM", 2DO CONGRESO IBEROAMERICANO DE ESTUDIANTES DE INGENIERÍA ELÉCTRICA, ELECTRÓNICA Y COMPUTACIÓN (II CIBELEC 2005)

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nup (view profile)

i am unable to run solar.m file. please help

and also how to formulate the excel sheet for other solar cells. what technique have u used..

please help.



tareq (view profile)

This is very nice work, but I am working on Solarex MSX-60 module. I need Excel file of MSX-60 module badly. Do you have any idea how I can find that ?

Thibaut Leroy

@Hossein: It's a reproduction of the Current/Voltage nominal curve from Datasheet.
The 1.665V value is Open Voltage (0.665) + 1V to have a large range because of low temperature effect. It can be less, but 0.665V is not enough.


would you please explain the excel data?
what is the first and second column?
and why you define the voltage in this range?(0 to 1.665)




Thibaut Leroy

You've to run SimpleSolarCellAndPanelModel.m, does it solve your problem?
solar.m is just the external calculation function, but you can use it in your own scripts.

Gopi krishna

Unable to run solar.m file

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MATLAB 7.10 (R2010a)

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