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Stability Analyzer 53230A

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The Stability Analyzer 53230A provides Allan or Hadamard Deviation calculations and plotting.



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The Stability Analyzer 53230A (2.0) is a free Matlab program that allows you to analyze the stability of clocks, oscillators, and other signal sources using frequency measurements. The program either inputs / uploads frequency measurements from Agilent’s 53230A universal counter or stored measurements on a CSV file. The program provides the user with a choice of two stability calculations, Allan deviation or Hadamard deviation (both overlapping). The program outputs three plots:
•Allan or Hadamard deviation plot with optional confidence intervals.
•Frequency vs time plot of all measurements
•Histogram frequency plot
All plots provide zoom and pan capabilities as well as the ability to identify a particular plot point. The program is setup and run via a graphical user interface (GUI) and is started from the Matlab command line. If the 53230A universal counter is used with the program for making measurements then the Instrument Control toolbox is required in your Matlab package.

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Jan Khan

Hello, When I open the GIU, it is opening to a size much larger than the maximum window size. I cannot reduce or resize the GUI window. Any ideas on making the gui smaller?


Vinod (view profile)

Tami Pippert

Cheryl Diller

The updated version has more features improved error checking and catching. Awesome!!



Added GUI, Hadamard calculations, confidence intervals, outlier removal, Histogram plot

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.14 (R2012a)

Inspired by: DSPLOT - downsampled plot

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