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Two point correlation function of a finite 2D lattice

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Compute the two point correlation function of a finite 2D lattice.



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Computes the distance 2-point correlation function of a finite 2D lattice. The functions is:
[ coorfun r rw] = twopointcorr(x,y,dr,blksize,verbose)

Where x is the list of x coordinates of lattice points. y is the list of y coordinates of the lattice points,and dr is the binning length for the correlation function. blksize is the number of points processed at a time. verbose is a boolean on whether to display current progress.

The outputs are coorfun, r, and rw. Coorfun is a vector of normalized correlation function values for distances recorded in the r vector. rw is the weight (number of points) contributing to corrfun calculation at a particular r. Low rw means that corrfun at that r value is unreliable.

This function has been fully vectorized to improve performance.

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Solved a bug where (x,y) were not column vectors. Updated the description.


Added blksize and verbose optional arguments. blksize allows to consider the data in blocks thus reducing memory requirements/out of memory errors. Verbose allows the function to output in display how much progress has been achieved.


Improved vectorization. Removed bias due to finite size of lattice.


Some performance improvements.


There was a minor error in normalization which resulted in the entire function being divided by the number of particles an extra time.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.11 (R2010b)

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