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Retrieve Data from Instek Oscilloscope via MATLAB serial interface

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Basic scripts and interface info for using MATLAB's serial command with an Instek GDS-1062A via USB.



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Included is a step-by-step presentation to introduce the USB interface that goes with the simple scripts:
* open serial connection to USB
* confirm connection via *IDN?
* retrieve 4,000 point scan
* retrieve 1,050,000 point scan
* format data for use as Simulink input

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Sina (view profile)

Hi Rob,
Thanks for all the files and info.
I am trying to read voltage data of a motor in MATLAB.
Now, I was able to use your dsplot file and import the square waveform.
However I need to read rolling data wrt time. So not a waveform technically.
Also, When I use the dsplot my oscilloscope freezes. Would you please elaborate?

My oscilloscope is a GDS-1102 and I am using MATLAB 2013 on PC.


Imtiaz Hussain

Imtiaz Hussain (view profile)

Rob Aberg

Rob Aberg (view profile)

Quick synopsis of the setup + run sequence:

>> s = openInstek1000Serial('COM3')
>> dsoplot

Rob Aberg

Rob Aberg (view profile)

Other Instek products in the GDS-1000A series should also work with these examples but they have not been tested with them. The commands used here come from the "GDS-1000A Series Programming Manual", GW Instek part no. 82DS-1102AI01 (Sept. 2009 is latest), downloaded from ... more info in the PDF file included with the download.


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