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Lei Wang (view profile)


16 Mar 2003 (Updated )

A generalized function can plot the envelope of any given data.

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A generalized function can plot the envelope of any given data. Additionally, a demos m-file shows how to use it.


This file inspired Envelope.

MATLAB release MATLAB 6.1 (R12.1)
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Comments and Ratings (40)
27 Aug 2016 nour yousfi

01 Jul 2016 Paula

Paula (view profile)

Lack of a list of different interpolation methods, the .zip file only contained the function, the demo and a set of data.

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10 Mar 2016 DAVID

DAVID (view profile)

Robust only with sinusoidal periodic signal

27 Feb 2016 Lila wagou

Please, how to do it for extracting the envelope for 2 or more curve ?

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14 Oct 2015 riccardo trojetto


26 Feb 2015 Navid H

26 Feb 2015 Navid H

Great job!

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19 Sep 2014 daniel

daniel (view profile)

rad! thanks works great for what Im doing

04 Mar 2013 Luciano Braggio

Excellent! Thanks.. It worked just perfect for the signals i work with.

22 Feb 2013 leah

leah (view profile)

09 Aug 2012 Ali Ali

Thanks a lot

21 Mar 2012 zhao zhanfeng


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12 Mar 2012 chao

chao (view profile)

05 May 2011 Vishal

Vishal (view profile)


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12 Oct 2009 Alonso Tapia

i couldn´t edit, so i will add another commentary..
any given data without noise should be the description

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12 Oct 2009 Alonso Tapia

looks like it works fine only for Matlab/Simulink generated data

11 Jun 2008 jp beat

try and test

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24 Jan 2008 Jveer T

3d data as well?

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21 Nov 2007 shen zhihui

04 Nov 2007 John Lee


14 Aug 2007 Stilliyan Georgiev

14 Aug 2007 Stiliyan Georgiev

26 Jul 2007 SASSOLAS Benoît

There is some problems when signal contains some noise.

24 Aug 2006 Daniel Morim

It isn't work well for "any signal".

30 May 2006 patrick huber

perfect, recursive envelopes works great

10 Apr 2006 a d


30 Mar 2006 Monica Voinescu

Exactly what I needed. Short and efficient.

15 Feb 2006 Davide Renzi

Real good job

13 Dec 2005 Zhonghua Wang

15 Sep 2005 Randy Elford

Does the job. Well done.

27 May 2005 Ashraf Hamad

easy, simple, effective

15 Mar 2005 Raihan Rafique

28 Sep 2004 Koustuv Debnath

Quite good.
Did a lot of serch but no other m file was online.

08 Aug 2004 Nacho Marín

The simpler the better.. Just great!!!!

12 Mar 2004 Andrea Gentili

Clean and practical, great work.

07 Mar 2004 yang feng

thanks a lot!

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17 Oct 2003 Mirza Faisal

Helped a lot... Thanks...

10 Oct 2003 g Flauti

18 Aug 2003 OCR Persian OCR

baba kheili bahali!!!

23 Mar 2003 Stijn Helsen

nice written routine (short and clear) but:
some optimisation could be done (find is done twice, while not necessary);
not working correctly if extreme points have successive equal points. example:
[x1,y1,x2,y2]=envelope(1:10,[0 1 -1 2 2 -2 -2 1 -1 0])

24 Mar 2003

Modify the envelope function and add the interpolation into it. So it is much easier for user to use envelope function. Additionally, screenshot is changed.

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