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Coordinate Extractor

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Extract geographic coordinate(s) out of string(s).



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Use this function to extract one geographical coordinate out of an input string. The function is extremely flexible, thus the coordinate may be located anywhere in the string and may have one of many formats.

txt2coord(' 100° 7'' 30" W')
txt2coord(' 100° 7´ 30´´ W')
txt2coord('-100° 7` 30"')
txt2coord('100° 7.5'' W')
txt2coord('100.125° west ')
txt2coord('bla 100°, 7min;30´´ S bla')
txt2coord({'100.125° W' '-100.125°'})

All specified examples yield the correct result (-100.125).

I have successfully tested this with various inputs. Yet, regular expressions, which are extensively used in this file, ... well ... they sometimes have a funny way of showing you that you havn't quite figured them out yet. Therefore, I would strongly advice you to performe some sanity-check on this function before using it and would be greatful, if you report any bugs to me.



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MATLAB 7.11 (R2010b)

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