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Quarter of Vehicle Simulation with Simscape

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The model simulates a quarter of vehicle employing Simulink and Simscape.

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The model simulates a quarter of vehicle employing Simscape. The input to the model is the road profile. The outputs are the displacement and velocity of the sprung and unsprung masses. The current model uses a chirp signal from 0 to 25Hz as road profile, in order to test the frequency response of the system.

In order to run the model, the Motor Drive Libraries for SimMechanics provided here are necessary:

Said files are employed in order to calculate the velocity and acceleration of the road profile and utilize a Simscape Ideal Velocity Source as input to the model.

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Hello Javier

Thank you for this submission.

I would like to know why you have added another sensor in between sprung mass and unsprung mass and is there any particular meaning behind 'Zdef'?


Simon (view profile)

Hi Javier,

is it possible to add speed of the car as an another input along with road profile? If so, how?


Hi Javier!
 how to build a half-car model with Simscape?

Mac Rodge

Hi Javier!
Very nice work.
Can you provide the model for active suspension system?

Javier Ruiz

Javier Ruiz (view profile)

And the 1/128 is just the sampling rate at which the simulation is running.

Javier Ruiz

Javier Ruiz (view profile)

Hi Jack.
1. I used the motion driver because of the way it calculates the derivatives. See the comments on the Motion Driver's link.

2. I am using a chirp signal in order see the frequency response of the system. In the resulting signals you should be able to see the resonance frequencies of the suspended and un-suspended masses. You can wire a different signal in order to simulate a bump or a road profile.

I hope this helps you. Let me know if you have other questions.

Javier, I saw your comments on other suspension systems from here.
Let me ask you something about this model:
1. Why do you use a Motion Driver? And why is the time constant=1/128 secs?
2. Why a Chirp signal as input? The results I obtain with my parameters are oscillatory for a displacement (Z_def) response even until a reasonable stabilization time.
Please, help me. Thanks.

MATLAB Release
MATLAB 7.9 (R2009b)

Inspired by: Motion Driver for SimMechanics

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